Nepal@@February 2000

@Manjushaka did four performances at the National Theater in Kathmandu. Performances were given for the children of several orphanages in Nepal. Through charitable contributions, Manjushaka was able to donate over 600 blankets to the orphanages. In September 2000, Manjushaka also invited Mrs. Anu Radha Koirala, Director of Maiti Nepal; and 15 Nepalese children to Japan. During the visit, the children performed traditional Nepalese dances at theater in Kagawa, Fukushima, and Tokyo. Approximately 3 million yen of donations were made in support of Nepalese orphanages.

Mama Rosa has fun mixing with Nepalese orphans after a performance.

Barmandir Orphanage recieves a donation of blankets.

Mama Rosa with the Queen of Nepal. Mama Rosa recieved a commendation from the Queen in January 2002.