Oct. 2010 Kauai, Hawaii

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From Oct. 6th in Kauai, Hawaii, it was our first time to perform in U.S.A.,@and Kauai is famous for Elvis Presleyfs Blue Hawaii, and came back on 11th through Los Angeles (because of airplane ticket).  This Kauai, Hawaii performance was realized because of precious relationship between Kauai, Fukushima Jyoban Hawaiian Center in Iwaki, Fukushima, and Association of AIZEN in Iwaki.  The fund for this tour was collected by Association of AIZEN in Iwaki by going through each houses asking for support.  For only 5days, we were able to perform 7 times (at theater 800 seats, shopping center, nursing home, hospitals...). The memorable first time performance in U.S.A. was reported on the front page of local news paper. 

Mayor Carvalho said gThe performances were outstanding and made me want to see more.  The music along with the beautiful costumes and intricate movements and motions of the dances captured my heartc I could feel the true meaning of each dance as they portrayed a meaningful storyc..hEven though Mayor Carvalho was busy because of election, but came to our eOHANA (family) partyf and Mayor gave Ukulele show for us.  

One of the members in Kauai Japanese Cultural Society said gThis year we did not plan to do Japan Festival and light of Japanese culture was fading away, but because of Manjushaka so many people came to the Festival and now the light of Japanese culture is coming back.h

When we perform at the Kukui Groove Shopping Center, by coincidence big cruise ship from main land was anchored and passenger came to see our show.  One of passenger told us gYour show is very good, I would love to see again. When are you coming to main land?h
When we were leaving Kauai, Mr. George Costa (Director of Office of Economic Development, County of Kauai) came to the Gate, and said gBy seeing Manjushaka show healed my heart.  I would love to do anything to bring you back to Kauaih    

Through this Kauai Performance, we feel that we were able to built profound relationship beyond the border .We feel honored to hear those precious words from everybody.   
We would like to keep working on and put more effort to Manjushaka to bloom all over the world.

For the last, but not least we would like to show deep appreciation for everybody who gave us power, energy and strength to perform