Nov.2010 Florence,Italy

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From Nov.16th to 27th@Florence, Italy. It is our 3rd time to perform in Florence within a year.  It was also our 4th overseas tour in 2010.  While we were there it rained almost every day. Local people said raining so much in November is very rare.
During Japan Festival (from Nov. 19th - 21st ), it rained so much, more worse all public transportation system was on strike. However there are so many people came to the festival.
Because this was our 3rd time to perform in Florence, so we are getting to know by everybody.

After the First day of Japan Festival, one photographer came and said gFrom eyes of each one of you, I could tell and feel joy and you want to convey Japanese culture.
3 year old boy, his mother told us gWe came to see the show last year and he was desperate to see the show this year.  So we walk here to see Manjushaka, even though rain and no public transportation. h We were so moved.
After we came back to Japan, we received e-mail saying gI love Japan, but too far to visit. But because of Manjushaka I could feel Japan so close to me.h
This year not only Festival, we performed theater, prison, nursing home, and for the first time in Florence at the elementary school.
At prison, we could hear eThank you!f and eGreat!f in Japanese while we perform. 
Towards the end of the show one of prisoner came up and asked to read his poem.
eI found something great. This great thing will live with my life.f

At elementary school, before we perform we were told not to put anything at hallway because children might get hurt, and please do not take pictures because we need to protect childrenfs privacy.  Worse parents came to see them off until they get 6th grade, because to protect children from any kind of incidents.  
Teachers told children not to be loud and not to crap their hands.
Looking through this school system, I felt I have a glimpse of Italian education system.  Once the show starts children are same all over the world! Big eyes and big cheers!  Childrenfs genuine expression!  Being moved is big persuasionc 
We could not understand Italian, but we could feel our heart reached to the children.   

After the show, children came to us and eAmore! Amore! Yeah!.f
Children gave us energy and power to our heart. 

It have been 45years since Florence and Kyoto became sister city, we would like to help to be a dewdrop between Florence and Japan.
From this performance we would like to show deep appreciation to the miracle to meet many people.

Again we would like to remind our fresh intention,
and once again we would like to become Manjushaka to bloom in everybodyfs heart.