Old Japanese legends say that
Old Japanese legends say that
and has a special power that encourages a person to turn away from any evil.
Meeting many people is the best treasure. It makes me stirring.

@Mama Rosa

Occupation : Leader of Manjushaka, Lecturer,
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Adviser for training talent

@She was attached to knit department in Hanae Mori (Paris collection designer) Co. as a starting point of designer, and founded Grape Garden Co. in her twenties. She flourished as an apparel industry owner and a designer, and a lot of her books are published. In the Japan Festival promoted by the Netherlands government at Hilton Hotel, she held the fashion show with Takeo Nishida and others, and won critical acclaim from the mass media. She has been popular as gMama Rosah in the world since children named her gMama Rosah quoting from gMillions of Rosesh singing about Chagall, because she danced wearing the costume of rose in Belarus where Chagall was born in.

@Yumeya Fujinaka@(Young Leader)

@@Birthday : 16.Sept
@Blood type : A
@Birth place : Tokyo
@@@ Hobby : To appreciate drama or movies
@@Specialty : Japanese drum, Painting, Comedy

@Yumeya's mother Mama Rosa founded "Manjushaka" in 1995. After graduation of high school, Yumeya learned Japanese dance under honorable Ms.Zuisen Nishikawa.

@In 2004, Yumeya learned Japanese drum under honorable Mr.Daihachi Oguchi. Yumeya performs at the chality performance of support for Nepal, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Joint
performance with children and dancer in the world. And what's more, health resort for Hansen's disease, prison, and workhouse.

@Impression is the best persuasion. Manjushaka suppose, gWe would like to present the bouquet of heart through our entertainmenth. There is border with countries but we can unite at discretion over the faith and moral wall in different countries through impressions. Through our activities, we realize that there is no border with love. In the countries where are not distinguished and forgotten, we would like to give an encouragement and hopes for people who droop, hurt, lose their power to live in severe circumstance. Our activities have begun for such a reason. I feel that humans can progress in any circumstance if they have a dream. I wish that seeing Manjushaka performance will be the shaft of light to encourage them to live.@