March 24th 2012
Message from MamaRosa
I pray to God every day.
It is because I realized we are living an era of Nuclear power because of
Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami and accident of Fukushima Nuclear power plant.
In 1999, our 1st performance in Oversea was in Belarus, the victims of
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, we visited and performed hoping to
ease and heal these victims wounded heart.
When Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster happened in Ukraine,
wind blows accidently to Belarus and polluted 2/3 of Belarus by radiation.
Bragin, Gomel (only 20min. away from Chernobyl by car)
is the most closest city from Chernobyl,
they still have very high count of radiation,
it is nearby Restricted area, however there are still people living,
and they were looking forward to see Manjushaka.

People told us “Thank you very much for coming to perform so far.”
They were moved with tears by our performance,
our white face makeup, and costumes.  
Many villagers came to see us off until our bus leave from their sight.
My mane “MamaRosa” was given from the children from Chernobyl.
When Children came to Hokkaido, Japan for recuperation,
Manjushaka went to Hokkaido to perform and
show Japanese Culture for children in 1998,
I danced with Kimono, which has many rose decoration on it,
since then children started to call me “MamaRosa”.
This kimono represented the song, Million Roses,
this song was dedicated to famous artist Chagall's life.
Chagall was born in Belarus.

After the show children told me
they wanted their parents and grandparents living in
high radiation area to see Manjushaka,
so I promised to children to go to Belarus, at that moment.
To keep this promise with children was very heavy for me,
no matter what happens I would like to go to radiation polluted area
and perform, by looking at their pure and genuine hearted eyes,
my determination to go and perform Belarus become more stronger.

Living in radiation polluted area and sending children
for recuperation to Japan,
where 8000 km away from where they live…
If we have to go through what they have to go through,
I felt all our members can change how we live our life.
Going to perform in Chernobyl experience becomes
the start of my thought and it gave me energy to spring out,
hoping to encourage children living under difficult environment
not only in Asia but also every countries of the world.
Through making bond with people,
I learn motivation to fulfill our life from people
living their best under many different circumstances.
Through children, I learn there are no boarder for Love,
I learn unconditional Love, parents give to children.

Because of these experiences,
I had been having children from Chernobyl for recuperation
for 13years every spring and summer with a group of mothers in Hokkaido.
From going to Chernobyl 4 times since 1997,
we build the strong relationship.

When we went to perform in 2006 (20th Anniversary for Chernobyl)
at Blagin (still very high count of radiation) for the 3rd times,
one old men came up to me and said “MamaRosa, we are all fine now.
My son, my granddaughter, and I feel very happy
and honored to see this beautiful show”
By coincidence, that summer this man's granddaughter
happens to stay Manjushaka for recuperation.
There are borders in-between countries,
and by a strange coincidence this girl came to stay with us
for 1 and half month, this is the deep blood relationship
running through over beyond our knowledge, she is our family
from former life…
This profound connection of blood,
when I think about this connection becomes one big universal family
make me feel very fortunate, and through Manjushaka performance
hoping to ease and heal wounded heart…

Joy is praying, Joy is power, and Joy is Love…
Mission of Manjushaka is to deliver Hope to everybody.
I am hoping to build bound and become bridge between not only Asia
but also every countries of the world and beautiful countries of Japan.